Daily Bulletin:

Tuesday, November 15:


Breakfast for Tomorrow:

Blueberry Bread





Lunch for Tomorrow:

Pork Steak

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy






-This week is American Education Week.  Tomorrow's theme is Teachers Dress Like Students and Students Dress Like Teachers.

The answers to yesterday's trivia questions were Miss Ekberg and Mrs. Peitz.  The winners are...  McKenzie Bruning, Maddie Steffen, and Mr. Tanner Fischer.  Please pick up your Cat Snack coupons at the office.

Today's teacher trivia questions are

1.  Which teacher grew up showing hogs but hates bacon?

2.  Which teacher has been here at HNS for just 2 years and has golfed in Scotland?


-There will be Jr. High Band today


-Conference One-Act at Newcastle today. HNS will perform at 2:00.

-Being brave is very important. Firefighters demonstrate bravery when they run toward danger to save lives. Soldiers display bravery when they risk their lives to defend our freedom. But not all acts of bravery are so dramatic. Learning new things and standing up for what is right even when those around you are making a different choice are ways everyone can demonstrate the character strength of Bravery.