Daily Bulletin:

Monday, November 14:


Breakfast for Tomorrow:

Sausage Biscuits





Lunch for Tomorrow:

Walking Taco

Lettuce & Tomatoes

Red Peppers





-This week is American Education Week.  Tomorrow's theme is Dress for Your Future Day.  

Every day this week there will be two trivia questions about our 7th-12th grade teachers.  Submit your answers at the main office by the end of the day.  Winners will receive Cat Snack coupons.  Today's questions are

1.  Which teacher has been teaching at HNS for 6 years and has travelled to 44 of the 50 states?

2.  Which teacher has been teaching at HNS for 19 years and is undefeated as a basketball coach?


-There will be Jr. High Choir today


-One-act practice tonight:  7 p.m. for all cast and chorus, lights and sound.  8 p.m. for all other crew members.  If you are in the crew and cannot be here tonight, you must let Mr. Johnson know.

-Jr. High Wrestling Meet today at Randolph starting at 4:00. Dismiss the team at 1:55. Team bus will leave at 2:15.

-Conference One-Act at Newcastle tomorrow. HNS will perform at 2:00.


- This week’s Positivity Project character strength is Gratitude. The character strength of Gratitude means that you are aware of and thankful for good things that happen. 

Gratitude is feeling and expressing thankfulness and appreciation. It is knowing that there is goodness in other people and the world. Gratitude is not about ignoring the negative in life, it is simply being aware of and thankful for what is good.