Daily Bulletin:

Tuesday, November 8:


Breakfast for Tomorrow:

Pancake Wraps





Lunch for Tomorrow:

Super Nachos

Lettuce & Tomatoes





-There will be Jr. High Band the rest of the week in preparation for the Veteran’s day program on Friday

-One-Act Matinee performances today. Elementary will be at 1:30 with High school at 3:00. Cast & Crew will start getting ready after 1st lunch.

-Attention Seniors interested in Computer Science. Please check your email as Mr. Stappert emailed regarding a scholarship opportunity.

-Attention seniors who will be majoring in an agricultural related field. Please check Mr. Kneifl's web page for information and a link for 2 scholarship opportunities.

-Jr. High Wrestling Meet today at Battle Creek at 3:30. Dismiss the wrestlers at 1:20; team bus leaves at 1:30.


-Attention Big Cat Mentors & Staff: There will be an organizational meeting tomorrow during Homeroom in the Commons.


-There will be a meeting for all students in grades 9-12 who plan to be on the speech team on Thursday during homeroom in Mrs. O'Brien's room.  Please see Mr. Johnson if you can't be at the meeting but plan to be on the team.


-Being brave is very important. Firefighters demonstrate bravery when they run toward danger to save lives. Soldiers display bravery when they risk their lives to defend our freedom. But not all acts of bravery are so dramatic. Learning new things and standing up for what is right even when those around you are making a different choice are ways everyone can demonstrate the character strength of Bravery.