Daily Bulletin:

Tuesday, September 20:


Breakfast for Tomorrow:

Chocolate Muffin





Lunch for Tomorrow:



Fresh Veggies





-There will be a FCCLA meeting today during homeroom in the FCS room.


-High School Volleyball tonight at Bloomfield at 6pm. A & B teams only. Team bus will leave at 4:40.


-FFA Meeting for everyone tomorrow morning 7:25 AM... in the Ag Shop.  Officer please be here at 7:15 AM... 


-Attention all students involved in the Big Cat/Little Cat Mentoring Program. There will be a preparation meeting on Monday, September 26 during Homeroom. This meeting will take place in the Commons.


- Individuals with the character strength of Curiosity are more likely to ask questions and try new things. All individuals experience curiosity, but differ in their willingness to experience it. Asking questions exposes the fact that we don’t know and trying a new activity means we may fail. For this reason, the character strength of Curiosity often takes courage and is connected to the character strength of Bravery.