Daily Bulletin:

Monday, September 11:


Breakfast for Tomorrow:

Cheese Omelet






Lunch for Tomorrow:

Chicken Fajita

Lettuce & Tomatoes

Red Peppers





-The speaking part list for the one-act will be posted by the end of the day Wednesday.  If you were not able to audition last night, but would still like to try out for a speaking part, please see Mr. Johnson.  Also, you may still sign up for the chorus/ensemble this week.


-This week is Homecoming……Tickets for the Homecoming dance will go on sale starting today during lunch. Price is $5.00. Dress up day for tomorrow is dress up as a patient or a doctor.


-Jr. High Football vs. LHNE today at 4:00pm.


-JV Football vs. Wakefield today at 6:30pm.


-Cross Country Meet at Wayne today at 3:00. Jr. High, JV & Varsity will run. Dismiss the team at 12:15


-Outstanding National Anthem Performance Nora Lange at the September 9th Home football game.  Incredible use of musical talent!!!


-Congratulations to these students completing the process for the Middle School NMEA All-State Chorus deadline! Henry Folkers, Cody Edwards, Scout Heimes, Nora Lange, Violet Sage, Kloe Fischer, Ashlyn Dailey, Hadley Grutsch, Brooklynn Peters , Elena Reyes, Madison Ross.  Good Luck! Results of the audition will be on September 21.  The Middle School All-State Chorus event is held in Lincoln on Nov 16th. 


-Attention Juniors and Seniors! The college rep visitation schedule for this week is as follows: Northeast Community College on Wednesday, September 14th at 9:45 and a rep from the University of Nebraska @ Omaha will be here at 9:45 on Thursday, September 15th.

-Attention Junior and senior students who have signed up to be Big Cat/Little Cat Mentors!

There will be an organizational meeting Tuesday, September 13th during Homeroom. Please check into your Homeroom first before going to the Commons. This will last the entire Homeroom time. Please see Mr. Kneifl if you cannot make it for any reason.


-Our school will be starting to do even more to improve how we see ourselves and treat others. The mission of The Positivity Project is to empower YOU to build positive relationships -- by understanding, appreciating, and living out the 24 character strengths within us all and the five elements of the Other People Mindset. Each week we will focus on a different character strength or OPM element. This week we begin with an introduction to the Other People Mindset.


People who have strong positive relationships do five things consistently- these are the five elements of the Other People Mindset. 

1. Identify and appreciate the good in other people, 

2. Know that your words and actions affect others, 

3. Support others when they struggle, 

4. Cheer others’ successes, and 

5. Be present and give others your attention.


Remember, a person can demonstrate the character strengths and the Other People Mindset every single day! As you go through your day, be sure to look for opportunities where you can demonstrate all five elements of the Other People Mindset.