Balanced offense attack helps Cats win

HARTINGTON — Hartington-Newcastle’s three-headed monster proved too tough to stop as the Wildcats earned a 34-7 win over Homer.
Turner Korth, Lincoln McPhillips, and Shaye Morten all rotated at the quarterback position, showing versatility in the backfield.
Morten threw two touchdowns — one to Korth and the other to McPhillips, and he also came up with an interception on defense.
McPhillips had a rushing and receiving touchdown, and also had an interception.
Korth ran one in, caught a touchdown pass, and led the team with 15 tackles on the night.
“I’m still trying to figure out what I am doing with them all,” said co-head coach Corey Uldrich. “I feel like we have three guys that can play back there and when guys get dinged I can move them around and not feel like we lose anything. I like having options. It is good to have options.”