Daily Bulletin:

Monday, May 15:


Breakfast for tomorrow:

Egg & Sausage Sandwich





Lunch for tomorrow:

Super Nachos

Lettuce & Tomatoes





-There will be a meeting Tuesday during homeroom for everyone in grades 7-11 who was in the one-act this year in the commons.

-Anyone wanting a State Track T-shirt can pick up an order form at the office. Orders are due in at noon TODAY!

-Registration forms are on the front counter for anyone interested being on Hartington’s swim team.

-Please return all library books by tomorrow.

-Please get your yearbooks ordered by Thursday. Payment of $25 can be made now or in August when the books are delivered. Please see Kennedy Gotch or Mrs. Pedersen to order.  

-This year, you have learned that people who have strong positive relationships do five things consistently - these are the five elements of the Other People Mindset. 

1. Identify and appreciate the good in other people, 

2. Know that your words and actions affect others, 

3. Support others when they struggle, 

4. Cheer on others’ successes, and 

5. Be present and give others your attention.

-Glad Tidings Bible Camp has a variety of camps this summer for all ages. If you are interested in what they have to offer there is a flyer on the front counter for you to take.