Daily Bulletin:

Wednesday, May 10:


Breakfast for Tomorrow:






Lunch for Tomorrow:

Meatballs or Salisbury Steak

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy


Fresh Veggies





-7th graders will get tomorrow off as their reward for the testing in the winter session of MAPS.

-Jr. High Awards Program will be today at 2:45 in the Commons. Please do not go through the Commons during this time.

-Please return all library books by Tuesday, May 16.

-Please get your yearbooks ordered soon. Payment of $25 can be made now or in August when the books are delivered. Please see Kennedy Gotch or Mrs. Pedersen to order.  

-District Track will be Tomorrow at the Hartington Complex with Cedar Catholic hosting.

-Friday is grades 4-6 track & field day.

-Think about the five elements of the Other People Mindset: Identifying and appreciating the good in others, knowing your words and actions affect others, supporting others when they struggle, cheering on others’ successes, and being present and giving others your attention. Your challenge today is to see how many ways you can show the Other People Mindset while at school.