Daily Bulletin:

Thursday, March 30:


Breakfast for Tomorrow:

Assorted Cereal Bars





Lunch for Tomorrow

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Fresh Veggies

Rosey Applesauce



Happy Birthday to Mr. Ken Kneifl!!



-There will be a senior class meeting next Wednesday during homeroom in Mrs. Rolfes’ room.


-Seniors, a reminder that Hartington-Newcastle Public School local scholarship application is due to Mr. Kneifl by this Friday. Please see Mr. Kneifl if you have any questions or concerns.



- Humor and laughter bring us joy, but we should never find humor at someone else’s expense. Laughing AT someone rather than WITH them can cause them added embarrassment. When something happens that strikes you as funny, be observant of the situation. Before laughing, notice -- is the other person laughing, or do they look hurt or embarrassed? If they are not laughing, don’t laugh. Instead, check to make sure they are okay.